Thomas J. Quinlan, CISSP, CCFP, GREM

Thomas J. Quinlan, CISSP, CCFP, GREM

Thomas helps people become expert in the field of cybersecurity: Learn more about coaching below.

He has more than 36 years' experience (19 professionally) with technology. He's the author of "Adventures in Cybersecurity", a humorous autobiographical account of those years. He has extensive experience in network and application security, electronic discovery, digital forensics, and malware analysis, and has used these skills for prevention and investigation the world over. His work has helped companies in the Internet of Things (IoT) and ICS (SCADA/PLC) spaces become more secure. He is certified in Computer Security (CISSP), Digital Forensics (CCFP), and Malware Reverse Engineering (GREM). He holds two Masters Degrees (MS IS/MBA) from Johns Hopkins University. He serves as a member of the Editorial Advisory Board for Linux Journal, and speaks regularly on topics related to security, investigation, and analysis. He is also a cryptocurrency enthusiast and an aspiring roboticist and data scientist.

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  • Get tips on raising your profile within your company and the industry.
  • Explore additional areas of expertise and cross-training for the expert-generalist advantage!
  • Get a customised roadmap of S.M.A.R.T. items to put into action for the entire year!

"Thank you for your advice. Your insight is extremely valuable and greatly appreciated."

Trellis Heard

Being somewhat new to a security role myself it was nice to learnĀ about the experiences of someone else. It was nice to learn about the hurdles they had to cross and things they needed to do in their career to progress.

Joe Pistone

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